Linked Research meetups and events

Meetups and Events

Whilst our call for contributions is ongoing and online, sometimes we like to get together to talk about things in person. This may be regarding publishing our 'normal' research work according to Linked Research principles, or more specifically about the work we are doing to advance the understanding, tooling and culture that goes towards enabling Linked Research as a possibility for everyone.

If you know of or want plan a meetup or event of any size to talk about Linked Research or a related topic, let us know and we'll list it here.

Events in planning

  • DeSemWeb (Workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web) at ISWC 2017 (end of October 2017): DeSemWeb takes a radical perspective by focusing solely on decentralized and client-side applications, to counterbalance the centralized discourse of other tracks.

  • ESWC 2017 Workshop (end of May 2017): Three Linked Research advocates (Sarven Capadisli, Amy Guy and Dave de Roure) are organising a workshop at ESWC 2017 entitled Enabling Decentralised Scholarly Communication. We invite all those who are interested to volunteer for our program committee.

    We also invite those who are thinking about submitting to our Call for Enabling Linked Research to submit by the workshop deadline if you would like to present your work in person at ESWC 2017.

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  • WOW (Workshop on Web Observatories, Social Machines and Decentralisation) at WWW2017 (early April 2017): WOW 2017 are integrating decentralisation: development of architectures and interactions for digital scholarly publishing as a social machine into their list of topics of interest, as well as encouraging dogfooding and accepting HTML/RDF submissions.

  • LDOW (Linked Data on the Web) at WWW2017 (early April 2017): LDOW 2016 raises the challenge for Pioneering the Linked Open Research Cloud, and promotes decentralisation and data ownership, and encourages participants to submit their contribution by publishing a document at a domain they control or consider sufficiently authoritative.