Linked Research

  • Publications

    Publish your research in a space you control, on your own terms. You do not need permission to make your work accessible to all.

  • Unique Identifiers

    Create unique identifiers for everything you think is important, from data objects to sections of prose, so others can refer to and reuse them.

  • Reusability and Links

    Reuse and link to other research and data so nothing goes to waste or is reinvented. Keep a machine-readable trace of inspirations and derivations.

  • Announcements

    Publicise your work so that individuals, organisations and software can discover it.

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  • Feedback

    Have an open comments policy so that anyone can review and generate discussion around your work.

  • User experience

    Create great UX for your readers. Consider tailoring how you present your work to different audiences and contexts, adding interactive elements and digital and print views.

  • Question current practices

    Reject information silos, paywalls, academic box-ticking, and archaic and artificial barriers. Be the change; publish your research using a free culture license, and openly review the work of others.

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  • Help and motivate

    Encourage others to practice Linked Research. If you run a journal, conference or workshop, accept online, Web-centric contributions; publish machine-readable proceedings; open up the review process.

    Who is doing this?

What is this?

Linked Research is an initiative, a movement, and a manifesto. We believe that scholarly communication is stunted by current scholarly and scientific practices, and we aim to promote change for the greater good. This is not something hypothetical or a dream for the future, it is completely possible with today's technologies based on native Web design principles and standards. A cultural shift is needed, and Linked Research is here to bring together like-minded people who want to push this forwards.

Linked Research is not biased towards any particular tool or technology; we understand that different researchers and disciplines have different needs and desires around scholarly communication. We encourage the use of any technologies that comply with the Linked Research principles; we tend to find Web technologies work really well for this, but we'd love to hear about how you do it!

Call for Linked Research Call for Enabling Linked Research

Join in

Join the chat to get involved and help to push this initiative forward. Share your ideas, efforts, struggles and solutions. What stops you from publishing Linked Research? What challenges have you encountered? What examples of Linked Research are there in your field?

#LinkedResearch Linked Research.

We also list venues and platforms who are accepting and promoting work which meets our principles. If you have something to include, we'd love to hear from you: let us know in one of our chat channels, send an inbox notification to the appropriate article, or make a PR on github to add yourself.