Linked Research at ESWC 2017

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Enabling Decentralised Scholarly Communication co-located with the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2017)
Portorož, Slovenia

Enabling Decentralised Scholarly Communication

Linked Research is coming to ESWC! This means that if you respond to the Call for Enabling Linked Research and indicate that you wish to present on our workshop day we will ensure your contribution is reviewed accordingly.


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Publish an article on the Web, and send us the URL. On 2017-04-17 we will snapshot the articles with, and ensure they get at least two reviews each by members of our open 'programme committee'. Of course, because your article is public, anyone else can give you feedback too. We'll let you know if you're invited to present in person by May 1.


We're soliciting responses to the Call for Enabling Linked Research, which emphasises interoperability, decentralisation, open access, and dogfooding (using your own tools). Topics of particular interest to ESWC attendees include:

  • Architecture and Decentralisation: Identifiers and versioning; Provenance and accountability; Persistence and permanence; Personal data stores; Information management.
  • Interfaces and Interactions: Authoring and collaboration; Web-based presentation of research; Data and metadata integration; Citation management, analysis, generation and prediction; Integration of semantics in prose and datasets; Adaptation to audiences and contexts; Search and query of research objects and social interactions; Domain-specific publishing challenges.
  • Create, Reuse, Remix, and Share: Social Web paradigms applied to scholarly communication; Social and cultural aspects of academic publishing; Profiles, identity, attribution; Rights and licensing; Feedback and reviews; Connecting scholarly data with other data; Incentives and altmetrics; Human and machine-readability.


The format of your contribution is up to you to decide how best to convey your message. Use the presentation timing as a guideline for how much content you want to submit.

  • research reports (20 minutes)
  • demos of in-use tooling, techniques or solutions (10 minutes)
  • position statements outlining requirements or highlighting needs not met along a particular axis or in a particular domain, and proposed solutions (10 minutes)

The workshop will include an open dicussion session. We invite short blog post style responses to “I can’t use the Web to publish my research because...” which we will use to seed the open session.


The workshop organisers are Sarven Capadisli (University of Bonn), Amy Guy (University of Edinburgh) and David De Roure (University of Oxford).

Contributions will be reviewed by pioneering, non-anonymous individuals from this list of reviewers.