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Linked Research is a conceptual framework that describes how implementations in scholarly communication can interoperate. Its philosophy is influenced by the social machinery to build a knowledge Web for humans, machines, and anything in between.


Freedom of Expression


Free Culture

Works are made available to the commons.

Acid Test

Derived from

The acid test assumptions may be used to assess the accessibility and interoperability of tooling and services in scholarly communication.

  • All interactions conform with open standards, with 1) no dependency on proprietary APIs, protocols, or formats, and 2) no commercial dependency or priori relationship between the groups using the workflows and tools involved.
  • Any mechanisms are available through at least two independent interoperable tool stacks.
  • Information and interactions are available for free and open access with suitable licensing and attribution for retrieval and reuse.
  • Information is both human and machine-readable.
  • All interactions are possible without prior out-of-band knowledge of the user’s environment or configuration.

Web of Things

Web of Trust