LDN Tests for Receivers


This form is to test implementations of LDN receivers. Input the URL of an Inbox, and when you submit, it fires off several HTTP requests with the various combinations of parameters and headers that you are required to support in order for senders to create new notifications and consumers to retreive them.

We provide a default notification payload, but if you have a specilised implementation you may want to modify this to your needs.

If your receiver is setup to reject certain payloads (LDN suggests you implement some kinds of constraints or filtering), you can input one such payload and check the Receiver should reject this notification box. If your receiver rejects the POST requests, you will pass the relevant tests.

Reports will be submitted to an inbox.

Test Receiver

For reference, the tests that will run are:

  • Accepts POST requests.
  • Responds to POST requests with Content-Type: application/ld+json with status code 201 Created or 202 Accepted.
  • Returns a Location header in response to successful POST requests.
  • Succeeds when the content type includes a profile parameter.
  • Returns JSON-LD on GET requests.
  • Lists notification URIs with ldp:contains.
  • Notifications are available as JSON-LD.
  • When requested with no Accept header or */*, notifications are still returned as RDF.
  • Accepts OPTIONS requests.
  • Advertises acceptable content types with Accept-Post in response to OPTIONS request.
  • Accept-Post includes application/ld+json.
  • Fails to process notifications if implementation-specific constraints are not met.
  • Restricts list of notification URIs (eg. according to access control).
  • Inbox has type ldp:Container.
  • Advertises constraints with ldp:constrainedBy.