LDN Tests for Consumers


Due to the nature of consumers, gathering results for these tests is manual. The form below links to several targets. Set your consumer to run against each of these, inspect the results (either through your softwares UI, logs, or commandline interface), and input them into the form. You will have a chance to review before submitting a report for your implementation. Reports will be submitted to an inbox and can be retrieved.

If your consumer implementation is not able to process the particular vocabulary one of the test notifications, you can leave that untested. If your consumer cannot process any of them, open a GitHub issue with a sample that you can process, and we'll add it.

Test Consumer
  • URL of the Inbox from target A (in header):

  • URL of the Inbox from target B (in RDF body):

  • URLs of the notifications in target A's Inbox (JSON-LD compacted):

  • URLs of the notifications in target B's Inbox (JSON-LD expanded):

For the folowing tests, input the values using the JSON-LD serialization: